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About the Department of Mathematics

The Department of MathematicsofTongji Universitywas found in 1945. After several dozens year development and with the new positioning of Tongji University, thedepartmenthas formedintegration in teaching and scientific research and paidattention to teachingfor graduate and undergraduate students. At present, the department has a first-class professional teaching and research team.

Currently, there are 93 faculty members in thedepartment, where 27 members are full profssors, 30 members are associate professors.The department has two undergraduate majors: mathematics and applied mathematics, statistic science. Since 1984, the department is first able to confer master degree and then doctoral degree to students in every field of the mathematical sciences. All doctoral subjects within the department have post-doctoral research stations.It is worth pointing out that the financial mathematics in the department has an excellent research team, which has high academic influence in China. In February of 2005, the department has become one of the seven national engineering mathematics course teaching base in China, and its basic mathematics became the key disciplines (cultivation) of the Ministry of education in 2007.

Thedepartmenthas always stressedteaching and scientific research, established the national engineering mathematics teaching base, and participated energetically in the work on the creative talent. Up to now, the department has high-quality courses and teaching achievement awardsin national level and Shanghai region, respectively."Advanced mathematics" and "financial mathematics " have become into one of the excellent shared coursesin the Ministry of education. The departmentpays attention to train students' innovation ability, there have been many students to receive excellent grade in the mathematical modeling and students' innovative program. In addition, many textbooks have large circulation and effection in China and some of them have beenfirst-class textbooks in the range of the country and ministry of education.

In recent three years, professors in the department undertakenearly 90 research projects, which include the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 973 program from the Ministry of Science and Technologyof China and some research projects from individual ministry, some international cooperation projects from NSFC,Japan and Germany, key projects of science and technology and the Shuguang plan from Shanghai as well as some projects from Committee of the science and Technology and the Education in Shanghai, and so on. The professors in this department have achieved many awards, for example, the seventh "Hua Luogeng prize for mathematics", "Su Buqing prize for applied mathematics", the first "Shanghai master teacher award", the special Award from Baoshan Iron and Steel Co, the second prizes from Ministry of Education, the outstanding achievement of National Statistical Research, Shanghai teaching achievement award, and so on. There are more than 100 papers published in international importantjournals each year, where some papers of them are published in international topjournals.

In the aspect of training the students, the department not only pays attention to training students to combine theory with practice ability, but also pays attention to training students' innovation ability in scientific research. Among students of the department, there are students to won the 2011 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award nomination, and first place in innovation project of Ministry of education in 2009. Recent years,there are more students’ thesesto won the Shanghai City excellent doctoral dissertations award every year, many undergraduates won the one or two prize in the national mathematics competition, mathematical contest in modeling as well as America mathematical contest in modeling.

About the international cooperation and exchanges, the department had signed a training agreement for double graduate’s degree with the French well-known universities;there are many graduate and undergraduate studentsof this department to other country’s Universitiesand institutesto do exchange and visits every year;the department hosted international and domestic conferences in China and invited international famous mathematician to visit and exchange. The department heldsuccessfullya summer schoolon financial mathematics and statisticsfor international graduate students in2013.