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Why We Choose Finance?--- Lecture by Professor Zhang Dewen from Everbright Bank
date: 2014-11-24

(Written by Yanjing LI, 14MF; Translated by Shichao HU,14MF)

On the afternoon of 22 November 2014, Mr. Dewen ZHANG from China Everbright Bank delivered a lecture on Why We Choose Finance in Room 2301, Block A, Tongji Plaza.
Mr. ZHANG began the lecture with the inspiring question: what indeed drives us so keen on the career of finance? He answered from the three perspectives: the subversion of philosophy, the challenge of monetary, and the thinking of academics. From The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking to the philosophical understanding of economics, Mr. ZHANG helped to broaden students’ vision with a new standpoint and a unique way of thinking. Then Mr. ZHANG illustrated the opportunities and the challenges in finance by current cases such as YU Ebao and accurate data. He also analyzed the economic environment in China citing some interesting stories. At last, the lecture ended by questions and answers. The communication with Mr. ZHANG brought lots of inspiration and deep thinking to the audience, who are going to take the journey on finance. ZHANG’s profound knowledge and rich experience has left unforgettable impressions.
Dewen ZHANG , one of professional supervisors of TJ-MF, chief risk officer of China Everbright Bank, member of Shanghai Panel of PBC. He served as member of commission for banking and loan system in China Construction Bank Hubei branch, first manager of RISQ, one of the Advanced Approvers, CRO of China Everbright Bank Guangzhou branch, and manager of Risk Management in China Everbright Bank Shanghai branch.