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TJ-MF Students & Professional Supervisors Matching Successfully!
date: 2014-12-05

(TJ-MF, Translated by DENG Zhouhui, 14MF)

The matching between TJ-MF students and TJ-MF Professional Supervisors has finally seen its happy ending recently after one month of busy work. 37 TJ-MF supervisors and 71 TJ-MF students participated in the marching work. The 37 elites are mostly from major financial industries, including banking, securities, trust, insurance etc.. After a two-way choice, each Professional Supervisor will guide 1-3 students along their academic learning and professional internship or career.


After the mentorship being established, students and their mentors have interacted actively. Though professional supervisors are busy at work, they still deliberately take time to communicate with students via Wechat, by E-mail, and even manage face-to-face talks. After deep communication, supervisors inspired students to make sound plans for the following one or two years of graduate life and advised on t career development. With their profound knowledge, rich experience, and strong sense of social responsibility, TJ-MF professional supervisors set such perfect models for TJ-MF students to follow. After communication, students are clearer about their goals of study and career development. Moreover, along with their charming mentors, they are energetic to thrive towards the bright future!


Peifeng ZHU (Partner of Shanghai Future Value Capital Limited) and his students

Weimin LIU (Manager of Audit Department in Head Office of Suzhou Bank) and his students

Biyuan XI (Partner of HK Phoenix Trading Limited) and his students

Yin WANGBoard Secretary of Xiamen Yinrun Investment Limitedand his students


The Mechanism of TJ-MF Professional Supervisors is aiming to integrate advice and participation from people in the industry into the professional degrees education of Master of Finance. The first board of TJ-MF professional supervisors are elites from large financial enterprises and institutions, qualified with master-above degrees, and have rich experiences in financial practice. They will advise to TJ-MF program on its development strategy, brand building and students development; they will cooperate with the faculty of Tongji in academic researches and cases development; and most of all, they will be mentors of TJ-MF students in their professional careers.