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The second Interest-oriented Class of Stock --- by XI Biyuan from Phoenix Trading Co.
date: 2014-12-08

(Written by ZHANG Xi, 14MF; Translated by PAN Wentao, 14MF)

Despite the arrival of the cold spell in Shanghai, the continuously bullish A-share market substantially warmed the heart of investors and thus stimulated our intense thirst for knowledge and strong desire to learn more speculation experience. On this December 4th, the professional supervisor of Tongji MF Program and the chief trader of Phoenix Trading Co. (Hongkong) LTD., XI Biyuan, was invited to our class again to share his opinions on stock-trading strategies.


Mr. XI mainly taught us about applications on technical analysis with depth and in detail. Furthermore, he personally presented some operations on US equities trading. His words and deeds reminded us of an old saying: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Finally, he particularly stressed the significance of moral self-discipline when trading. Teacher, therefore proselytizes, instructs, and dispels doubts. The legendary stories on Mr. Xi not only greatly broaden our horizons, but also effectively help us to establish a communication channel to outer financial world.