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WANG Sheng,director of the Strategy Department of SWSRI, Lectured to TJ-MF Students
date: 2014-12-25

(Written by LV Jiayin, Translated by XU Jie)

 At 18:30 on December 21, 2014, WANG Sheng, director of the Strategy Department of Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SWSRI), was invited to give the lecture to TJ-MF students entitled "Heroic Age - Expect 2015: Economy, Reform and the Stock Market". The lecture was chaired by Prof. YE Yaoming, team leader of the "Financial Theory and Policy" course.
First of all, Dr. WANG introduced the main businesses and occupations in the securities. He pointed out that different positions have their own characteristics, and that students hoping to engaged in the securities should choose their jobs according to their own strengths and interests. He said, "Choosing a job, in fact, is choosing a lifestyle."What attracts is not the glamorous appearance, but the lifestyle that best suits. Then Dr. WANG detailed the macroeconomic policy analysis. He talked about the logical thinking and experience of macroeconomic patterns in the securities. He stressed that the sensitivity to data and logical analysis is very important and meanwhile the deep foundation of knowledge is necessary. Supporting logic and theories are often more important than results. To capturing changeable data and find the key points often plays a crucial role in the industry. Finally, Dr. WANG instructed that being honest and modest is fundamental to the success in every industry.
Dr. WANG’s wonderful speech not only deepens students’ understanding of the securities industry, but also brings us a new thinking on their learning, career planning and life.
Dr. WANG lecturing

Dr. WANG and his pupils