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Tongji Financial Club Made a Success of
date: 2014-12-23

(Written by DUAN Ming, Translated by GUO Ruili)


         At 1:30 p.m. on December 212014, "Running Men - Financial Knowledge Contest”, organized by Tongji Financial Club (TJFC), launched at the square in front of the Yuntong Building. 40 students from seven different institutes, such as School of Economics and Management, School of Environment, School of Civil Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Science, School of Humanities, Automotive College, were divided into two groups of eight teams.

In the preliminary contest, at the starting point, every four teams participated in a game to get the team ranking to choose roadmaps accordingly. Then, guided by the instruction of roadmap, players reached four places in sequence, where they completed games in team. At the last place, players got a clue to the terminal, which was the venue of the final.
The final had two sections. The first section required players to answer questions on financial basic knowledge. The second section was in fact a quiz show, where the players won for their team the chance to answer a question by blowing the balloon to burst first. There were lots of funs in the whole game.
The final score was calculated according to the time used in the preliminary contest and the number of questions answered correctly. At last, two teams won the first prize, two second prize, two third prize, and two excellent prize. All players were granted nice awards sponsored by Allianz Property Insurance (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch.
Tongji Financial Club was launched by TJ-MF students. It unites students at school from four master programs related to finance, namely, MF, MBA (futures-oriented), Tongji-Case Double Degree MBA and MPAcc. It aims to build up a platform for students at Tongji who are interested in finance to exchange with each other and with the elites from financial institutions.