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Lecture Forecast: Model-Free Option Prices
date: 2014-11-19


Company's stock price is $ 100 nowand you are available tobuy the stock with just $ 5 a month later, so how much is right to buy the stock with the specific price?
The company's stock price of two different industries are currently $ 100, the staff is available to use $ 5 to buy the stock of the companya month later, whether the price of these tworight to buy the stockwill be the same?
The company 'sstock price is $ 100now, after the payment of a cash dividend of $ 5a month later, how much will the stock price drop?
Estimating the right to buy and sell with the specific price, is there using probability?
If you are interested in these questions, then you are welcome to attend the following seminars:
Theme: Model-Free Option Prices
Speaker: ZHANG Guoping, Honorary Professor of Taiwan Tsinghua University, Doctor of Economics and Finance of University of Pennsylvania.
Time: 1:30PM--3:30PM, Nov.23,2014
Venue: Rm.505, Zonghe Building, Tongji University