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1.Q: Can senior undergraduates apply for Tongji-MF(professional) program?

A: Yes, the full-time Tongji-MF program is tailored for senior undergraduates who are going to get their degrees in the coming year. Those who have obtained the bachelor’s degree or above recognized by the nation before the spot confirmation can apply for the part-time Tongji-MF program.

2. Q: How long does the program last? What about the course schedule?

A: The program lasts 2 to 5years. Full-time students take classes mostly on weekdays, while part-time students do at nights or on weekends.

3. Q: When applying for Tongji-MF program online, how to choose research orientation and the supervisor for dissertation?

A: Students will choose the research orientation and the supervisor after one year of study so that the choice will be made on a sound understanding about the subject and the faculty. The choice filled in the admissions application system will not be the final.

4. Q: What certificates does the program grant? Are there any differences between part-time and full-time students?

A: Students who meet the credit requirements and pass the dissertation defense within the prescribed years can obtain the postgraduate diploma uniformly issued by Tongji University, and the MF (Professional) degree assessed by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee. There is no difference between part-time and full-time students.

5. Q: How much is the tuition? Do full-time students and part-time students pay the same?

A: The tuition is 80,000RMB, not including fees on hardcopies or other materials. The tuition could be paid in two annual installments. Full-time students and part-time students are charged the same.

6. Q: What scholarships does the program offer?

A: Students pursuing professional master degrees are not included in the national or the institutional scholarship system, but full-time students of the program can apply for the student loan, and special scholarships at the school level or program level.

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